Cat Friendly Clinic

Hamilton St Vets is aspiring to be an accredited Cat Friendly Clinic and is in the process of passing accreditation with the International Society of Feline Medicine. This means that extra measures have been taken to ensure the clinic is as stress free and comfortable for our feline friends as possible.

We currently have a dedicated cat consult room and cat hospitalization ward. This helps to reduce stress from the smells and sounds of dogs in the clinic. The rooms are very quiet, warm and have a Feliway diffuser installed which releases calming pheromones throughout the day. Feliway is used in both the cat rooms, and all cat blankets and bedding are sprayed with Feliway prior to their stay in clinic to try to reduce stress as much as possible. We also have cage covers available for use at reception that have been sprayed with Feliway, to cover their cages while they wait. We have Feliway spray and diffusers available for purchase in the clinic if you are interested in getting some for your home.

All the staff undergo ongoing training in cat handling and husbandry. We also include an anti-anxiety medication in all our hospital procedures that is given at home prior to coming in to the clinic. This helps to reduce stress in the clinic and allows for a smoother anaesthetic. The “Calm Cat Package” is available for purchase in the clinic if you would like some anti-anxiety medication for your cat prior to their consult.

Dr Felicia is the Cat Advocate at our clinic and helps to ensure every measure possible is taken to help keep your cats relaxed and comfortable. Felicia has undertaken further studies in Feline Medicine and has a special interest in our feline patients.